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Wusthof Tri-Stone Knife Sharpener (RAINCHECK)

Wusthof Tri-Stone Knife Sharpener (RAINCHECK)

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The WÜSTHOF Tri-Stone Sharpener includes three different grits for both honing and sharpening your blades. The firm, but still porous, structure of the stone continuously releases small particles during the sharpening process. This power in combination with water helps to deliver a fresh sharp edge on your knives. The three different grits of the WÜSTHOF Tri-Stone Sharpener are Fine (J3000), Medium (J1000), and Coarse (J240).

  • The coarse 240-grit side is perfect for duller blades and setting the edge.
  • The medium 1000-grit side is designed for restoring a finely sharpened edge.
  • The fine 3000-grit side is ideal for refreshing or finishing a razor-sharp edge.
  • Includes a water bottle (for re-wetting the stone) and a durable wooden storage case.
  • Stones are approximately 7" x 2" x 3/8"
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