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Wusthof Amici 5" Utility Serrated Knife

Wusthof Amici 5" Utility Serrated Knife

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Although the serrated edge of the All-Purpose Serrated Utility Knife is inspired by the juicy, sun-ripened tomatoes that southern Italy is famous for, consider this nimble knife an effective slicer for almost anything in your kitchen -- from fresh and aged cheeses to cured meats, fruits, vegetables, soft dinner rolls, and crusty baguettes.

The serrated blade slices cleanly and elegantly without crushing or tearing, and a full bolster offers added protection for your fingers. The custom-grained Calabrian olive wood handle is naturally water-resistant and antibacterial, and its organic shape fits comfortably in hands of any size.

Great for cutting: pizza, tomatoes, bread, and fruits.

Handwash with light detergent and dry.

Store knife in a knife block or guard.

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