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Stonewall Kitchen Mango Chutney

Stonewall Kitchen Mango Chutney

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Fresh, ripe mangos are incredible, but this Mango Chutney steps up to bring a party of concentrated mango flavor to your mouth. We blended sweet mangos with delicious complimentary spices like curry, mustard seed and a touch of ancho chili to create a sweet mango chutney that’s deeply versatile. Add our unique Mango Chutney to your favorite crackers or use it to add tropical flavor to fish and meat.

Made in USA


8.5 oz.


Mangos, Pure Cane Sugar, Apples, Onions, Water, Raisins, Brown Sugar, Red Bell Peppers, Cider Vinegar, Lime Juice Mustard Seed, Spices, Curry Powder, Salt, Canola Oil, Ground Ancho Chile Pepper, Xanthan Gum (a natural thickener), Garlic Powder, Dried Red Bell Pepper Granules, Red Pepper Flakes.

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