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Skoy Non-scratch Scrubs (Set of 2)

Skoy Non-scratch Scrubs (Set of 2)

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-Skoy's Non-Scratch Scrubbers for cleaning and doing household chores without scratching delicate surfaces

-Made in Poland from all-natural cotton; will not scratch non-stick pans; will never rust; measures 6 x 5 x 0.5-inches; includes 2 scrubbers

-Ideal for cleaning most surfaces, including teflon, glass, and ceramic cooktops, countertops, dishes, glassware, non-stick pans, casseroles, and more

-Soft yet textured to quickly remove stuck-on, baked-on food bits and grime; simply wet, add soap, and scrub; monochromatic to complement every decor

-Biodegradable, natural, economical, reusable, and long lasting for more cleanings with less waste; top-rack dishwasher safe for cleaning

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