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Seal Pair Cork Coaster (Single)

Seal Pair Cork Coaster (Single)

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Seals or Sea Lions?

Sea lions and seals are right up there with otters and dolphins as some of the marine darlings that draw crowds of admiring fans to aquariums and beaches. But upon closer inspection, you may wonder which animal you’re actually pointing to: a seal or a sea lion. Eared seals, also called walking seals or otariids, which includes sea lions and fur seals. These vocal, social animals are better adapted to move about land, with rear flippers that can turn forward so they can move on all fours. Their fore flippers are larger than those of earless seals or pinnipeds, and are used as a primary source of propulsion and maneuverability in the water. Eared seals have external ears, as their name suggests, and more dog-like snouts, further distinguishing them from true seals.

All Natural • Durable • Easy Wash • Singles or Sets • Storage Caddies • 4 1/4" Diameter, 5/16" Thick • Green Certified

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