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Pure Kona Deep Sea Salt - Coarse

Pure Kona Deep Sea Salt - Coarse

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Refill Your Kona Sea Salt Grinder with Nature's Finest - 100% Pure Hawaiian Salt and the only salt in the world made from from ultra-pristine deep seawater, sourced from the staggering depths of 2,200 feet below the ocean surface. Kona Sea Salt has a purity you can taste.

Hand-harvested by our Chief Salt Maker on our own salt farm and dried naturally under the Hawaiian sun, each precious crystal embodies the essence of Hawaii's pristine waters, ensuring an authentic and unblemished flavor that's second to none.

Kona Sea Salt Grinder Salt has slightly less moisture than our flake salt, while retaining all the flavor! Like our flake salt, it contains 33% less sodium than ordinary table salt.

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