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Microplane Cut Resistant Kitchen Glove

Microplane Cut Resistant Kitchen Glove

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When you manufacture ultra-sharp tools like Microplane does, injuries from grating, slicing, and chopping are possible. Fingers and knuckles can end up in the way. You can use a food guard for grating and slicing but may find it awkward because you can’t grasp the food in your hand. Kitchen cuts are #5 in the top 10 reasons for visits to the ER. Microplane tools may make kitchen tasks faster and recipes more delicious. However, nothing kills time like going to the ER because of a kitchen injury. Be safe and 'glove up'.

Product Details:

Measurements: Length 9 1/8" x Width 4"

Cut resistant wire-free knit glove

Fits either hand and one size fits most

Protects hands from accidental contact with sharp blades

FDA Compliant for food contact

EN388 Level 5 for cut resistant

ANSI Level 4 for cut resistant

Teflon or heat protection is not rated

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