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Home Scrubber Pad for Dishes, Scrubbing, Cleaning

Home Scrubber Pad for Dishes, Scrubbing, Cleaning

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-KITCHEN SPONGE ALTERNATIVE: No more smelly disgusting kitchen sponges.

-DURABLE NYLON SCRUBBER PAD: Lasts longer than 7 regular kitchen sponges.

-NO MORE SMELLY SPONGES: Made of nylon and does not absorb. Does not retain foul water and residue.

Have you found yourself holding your nose because traditional kitchen sponges start to stink up your kitchen with foul mildew and sour smells?

That’s the smell of bacteria coming from your sponge. It’s a breeding ground of germs as leftover food and moisture combine to create nasty germ babies which you are spreading all over your dishes, countertops, stoves and cookware.

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