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Garject Lite Garlic Press (4 colors)

Garject Lite Garlic Press (4 colors)

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Garject Lite is the plastic version of our Garject, the world’s best garlic press. It presses unpeeled garlic, scrapes itself clean, and even ejects the peel. All of the garlic ends up in your meal, your hands don’t stink and your Garject Lite practically cleans itself in the process.

-Garject is one powerful garlic press: it easily and completely presses multiple garlic cloves at once, without the need to peel first.

-Garject automatically scrapes off any excess garlic and cleans itself as you open the handle.

-Simply push the 'peel eject' button to shoot the peel into the bin, rinse under water and Garject is perfectly clean.

-Clever design ensures all of the pressed garlic gets into your meal and never on your fingers.

-BPA free

-Dishwasher safe

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