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Flegg Egg Ring (Set of 2)

Flegg Egg Ring (Set of 2)

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The flip and serve egg ring!

Flegg is a set of 2 no-leak egg rings that flip, lift, and serve.

Seal the deal.
Flegg’s unique C-channel ring design uses the egg’s weight to seal it against a pan, then holds the cooked egg in its ring to flip, lift, and serve.

You’ve been served.
Squeezing the flexible handle changes the shape of the ring to release the cooked egg directly onto your toast or plate.

Never too hot to handle.
High heat-resistant nylon handle stays up and away from heat while cooking, making it cooler to touch when flipping or serving.

Over easy? Too easy.
Flegg’s handle rotates 360° so it can be flipped either direction and stores flat.

  • Heat resistant to 500*F/260*C
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA Free
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