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ECOlunchbox Rectangle (2 designs)

ECOlunchbox Rectangle (2 designs)

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The ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle has a large single compartment that's great for sandwiches and many other foods packed to-go. If you're looking for a non-breakable, easy-to-wash lunch box made from 100% stainless steel, the ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle is a great option. 

Holding 3.6 cups (29 oz), the portion size of this rectangular food box is good for all ages who are packing food for work, school, camping and more. Restaurants also find it easy to pack to-go orders in this rectangular steel lunch box, so it's a great zero-waste takeout option.

  • The lid on this rectangular stainless steel lunch box does not have gaskets, so it's not appropriate for saucy foods since it may leak if tipped over. 
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