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Cork Pops Wine Opener and VinoAir Aerator Set

Cork Pops Wine Opener and VinoAir Aerator Set

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  • Cork Pops Connoisseur Collection includes both the VinOair Wine Aerator With the patented non-drip pour spout and the best-selliing Legacy Wine Bottle Opener with 4-Blade foil cutter
  • VinOair aerator spout functions as both a wine pourer and drip stopper in addition to aerating your wine with unique dual oxygen chamber; Legacy wine bottle opener is the fastest and easiest way to open a bottle of wine, complete with classic, satisfying cork pop sound
  • Aerator is secured by a food grade rubber ring which creates an airtight seal and measures approximately 5.75 inches; Bottle opener features soft to the touch finish and measures approximately 2.25 x 6.75 inches
  • Both items are easy to use and go great together, making this a perfect gift set for the wine lover in your life or to add to your own collection.

This is the opener that started it all! The original Cork Pop opener -- putting a pop of fun in all your special occasions! Still a Bestseller after over 30 years!  Made in the USA.

Original Cork Pops wine opener with one cartridge. Each cartridge opens approximately 60 bottles of wine.

* Fastest easiest way to open a bottle of wine.

* No pulling - no twisting - no more broken corks.

* Pierce the cork with the needle - push and lift.

* Does not harm the wine or the environment.

* Perfect for people with mobility issues.

* Manufactured under the watchful eye of the inventor.

* Used in Napa Sonoma Tasting Rooms!

* Comes packaged with one cartridge which will open between 60-80 bottles of wine

The steps are simple:

* Remove the foil from the bottle.

* Remove protective cap over the needle on the Cork Pop.

* Insert the needle straight down through the center of the cork.

* Hold bottle with one hand.

* Press the top of the cartridge and lift as you feel the cork begin to come out of the bottle.

* Hold on to the bottle and the Cork Pops.

* The expelled cork is removed carefully from the end of the needle and the needle guard replaced on the opener.

NOTE: All Cork Pops openers are designed for the initial opening of traditionally shaped 750 ml bottles. Use on oversized or novelty shaped bottles is not recommended.

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