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Coconut & Pineapple Hawaiian Quilt Design Cork Coaster (Single)

Coconut & Pineapple Hawaiian Quilt Design Cork Coaster (Single)

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Coconut & Pineapple - A reflection of nature

Hawaiian quilt designs reflect the cultural wisdom that sees people as part of the natural world. Hawaiians instinctively understand that all of nature is infused with spirituality. Plants, animals, humans, mountains, times, winds, storms, and volcanoes are conscious, interconnected parts of one vast whole, all related and each mutually dependent on the other for life and meaning.

About the Artist: Meali‘i Kalama is considered one of the greatest of Hawaiian quilt designers today, typically uses simple but striking original designs that immediately invoke a sense of Hawaii. Here she has explicitly ensured that all elements are interconnected/joined. Although coconut palms and pineapples were not originally native, both are now closely identified with Hawaii and both have symbolically represented “Welcome” in Hawaii.

All Natural • Durable • Easy Wash • Singles • 4 1/4" Diameter, 5/16" Thick • Green Certified

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