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Clongs Lite Tongs (10.5 inches)

Clongs Lite Tongs (10.5 inches)

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Clongs Lite are nylon click-lock tongs that sit up off your bench, and open or lock closed with the click of a button. Just like a retractable “clicky” pen, open your Clongs Lite with the push of a click-button, then hold them closed and push the click-button again to lock them closed. Clongs Lite have a clever bend in their handles to sit them up off your kitchen bench, or rest them on the edge of your pan, keeping your countertops clear and clean.

BPA free

Dishwasher safe

Length: 26.7cm / 10.5”

Width: 3.8cm / 1.5”

Weight: 0.1kg / 0.22lb

Material: Nylon

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