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Bodum Bistro Knife Block

Bodum Bistro Knife Block

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This versatile, universal knife block is comprised of fine plastic rods, so you can store all your knives – from utility and everyday paring knives to chef’s and bread knives – in one, safe place. How you wish to arrange them is completely up to you!

Rest assured your knives will remain in perfect condition – the plastic rods won’t damage or dull the blades, and can be removed for hygienic cleaning in the dishwasher. The BISTRO Knife Block is available in a choice of colors to suit any kitchen style, and complements other items in the BISTRO range.

Main Features & Benefits:

Stylish, universal knife block that can accommodate a variety of knives in different shapes and sizes

The inside is constructed from fine plastic rods that allow you to insert the knives from any direction, without dulling their blades

The inside is removable and can be placed in the dishwasher for safe and hygienic cleaning

Block is wrapped in attractive plastic casing with the Bodum logo and raised dots for firm and easy grip

Silicone feet hold it securely in place

Slim, space-saving design is ideal for smaller kitchens

Available in a choice of colors to suit your style

Use & Care:

The inside of the BISTRO knife block can be removed for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. Wipe the outside clean with a damp cloth.

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