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All Purpose Dish Cloth

All Purpose Dish Cloth

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A typical dish sponge or cotton dish cleaning dish cloth builds up bacteria the minute you start using it. After a few uses it stinks and you have to waste time, resources and energy into cleaning a one dollar cloth.

These All Purpose Scrubber cloths solve all that and works majestically. Our odor free dish cloths do not stink even after months of use. No more smelly sponges or mildew odor in your kitchen, plates or counter top again.

-There is no sponge that sucks up moisture. It is a great little scrubber without retaining any moisture.

-Made of nylon so that it does not absorb moisture.

-Food rinses out super easy. Even eggs and cheese.

-Super durable: one scrubber pad will outlast 7-10 sponges. That’s why we call is the best kitchen sponge alternative.

-100% non-scratch. Safe for stainless, Tupperware, cast iron, non-stick coated, glass, china, porcelain, plastic.

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