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Staub Cast Iron 1.5 Qt. Petite Dutch Over - Black

Staub Cast Iron 1.5 Qt. Petite Dutch Over - Black

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Staub's 1.5 quart Cast Iron Petite French Oven boasts the benefits of a full-size cocotte in a compact size. Get fluffy rice, tender grains and creamy oatmeal thanks to Staub's signature new lid. Staub's latest innovation, the Chistera drop-structure lid, has solved the challenge of curved lids - they limit moisture to sides - by ensuring continuous condensation throughout. Unlike countertop rice cookers, Staub's Petite French Oven can be transported from the stovetop to the table. No need for serving bowls; these charming cocottes take care of both cooking and plating. Rice has never been so easy to make.

-Self-basting Chistera spikes continuously keep food moist

-Exceptional heat distribution and retention cast iron is famous for

-Matte black enamel interior heats and enhances caramelization, excellent searing

-Versatile design goes from oven to table

-Enameled cast iron is easy to clean and doesn't require seasoning

-Iconic Staub handles with ergonomic grip

-Made in France.

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