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Kyocera AWARD WINNING Ceramic Grater - Made in Japan

Kyocera AWARD WINNING Ceramic Grater - Made in Japan

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Our traditional ginger grater designed into a classic kitchen grating tool. This award-winning handheld grater is made from an advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond and will make any grating task easy. With rows of long-lasting sharp teeth, roots such as ginger are quickly shredded, leaving the unwanted fiber behind. Also great for elephant garlic, daikon radish, and parmesan cheese. For ease of use, non-slip silicone base underneath holds the grater in place.

Ultra-sharp, long-lasting ceramic grating teeth that are non-corrosive

Ceramic is non-reactive and will not absorb food flavors providing fresh and pure results with every use

Well-balanced design with a soft-touch handle and non-slip silicone base

Multi-purpose kitchen tool for grating and shredding cheeses, chocolates and fibrous roots

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